Manufacturer Benefits

The Quality Assurance program will provide numerous benefits to a manufacturer or supplier. The QAP program's main focus is the "effective installation of air barrier systems in buildings".

How does this help a manufacturer? They already produce a quality material that meets all the requirements of the air barrier. They have internal Quality Control methods to ensure consistent product. They have been in business for years and years.

Manufacturers spend thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in research and development work of their products. Many times, and with many products, the on-site performance of these materials and systems are directly related to the installation. The same holds true for the air barrier. A material may provide excellent properties and functions well in the lab, but we all know that material is designed to be used in buildings, under real life conditions for the service life of the building. If the air barrier is not installed properly, the building owner or architect is not receiving what they had paid for, that is a functioning air barrier assembly. What then happens when it fails and the exterior veneer must be removed and the entire system replaced? What is the cost or retrofit costs as compared to the cost of doing it right the first time. What are the legal ramifications on a manufacturer when the building is falling apart due to an improper air barrier system?

NABA Process for Approval of Air Barrier Materials, Accessories & Assemblies is a documented process which establishes laboratory tests to be conducted which represent service conditions for the design life of the building envelope. By completing the evaluation process and with your material listed as a NABA-Evaluated Air Barrier Material and Air Barrier Assembly, you are setting yourself apart in the marketplace with the design professional knowing your material has undergone extensive testing.